Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Tau FAQ 1.1 is live on GW's site

Here's a link to the new FAQ:

Not too much new or earth shattering here.   It clarifies how Drones on Vehicles count as Kill Points only if they've disembarked, otherwise they are considered part of the vehicle.  Also sensor spines now prevent vehicles from having to take Dangerous Terrain tests. 

I think the timing of this release may indicate that out of the upcoming codexes for 40k, Necron, Sisters of Battle and Tau,  Tau will probably be the last of the bunch.   I'm kinda glad for this for many reasons:  first, Necron need to be updated the most by far.  Second, I don't want the Tau update to be a minor update, I would like them to take their time and do it right.   Third, the closer the Tau codex releases to the new 40k 6th edition, the better.