Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tau Custom Dice!

I finally got some custom dice for my Tau army.   After having a good experience with my Blood Angels dice, I decided to get some more custom dice through Chessex ( to order your own go to http://chessex.com/Dice/Custom_Dice_Home.htm).   It was about $30 for 20 16mm dice and a small blue velvet bag, shipping included.  Unlike my Blood Angels dice these aren't a straight opaque dice.   They're called "Velvet" Blue with white pips and the dice have a sort of pearlescent sheen to them.    Have a look:

Also, Here is the artwork I used to make the dice (plus and alternate "reverse" image):

Friday, February 24, 2012

Painter Spotlight: Big Red

Bell of Lost Souls had a spotlight on their resident Tau player, Big Red (you may have seen his army in some of their battle reports).   The color scheme is VERY similar to mine (Skeleton Bone and Bestial Brown - he has excellent taste hehe), especially with his vehicles, but there's definately enough differences to warrant a look.   His Kroot are not your typical green either.   The Great Gnarlac (sp?) is absolutely gorgeous as well.  Have a look: