Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tau Uber-Suit Rumors round up

There seem to be conflicting rumors regarding a Dreadknight sized Tau Mech coming with the new codex next year.   To me both rumors make sense because it sounds like they are testing whether they want the big mech to be a walker vehicle (like a dreadnought with front, side and rear armour values) or a monstrous creature type (like the grey knights dreadknight that has wounds and regular armour saves).   Here are the stats:

Originally Posted by shaso_iceborn in Warseer:

WS2, BS4, S5, T6, W4, I2, A2, Ld8, Sv2+4++ 

Here is a similar post about the same unit from Stickmonkey at Warseer:

Tau UBER-suit
Dual (not linked) Rail Cannons
Missile Launcher
Many upgrade options including Stealth

BONUS Tasty Morsel:

Markerlights gain the ability to grant Skyfire. 

Personally I'm hoping they go the Monstrous Creature route.   The AV 11 and 2 Hullpoint stats seem very weak, and I don't see a big target like that lasting very long at all.  Its so easy to hull point vehicles to death now in 6th edition.  It would DEFINATELY need Disruption Pods to stand a chance, but even then it can't move flat out to get any bonus.  

 I definately like the Toughness 6, 4 wounds option better.   I also like the fact that the suit is BS4, maybe that's an indication of how crisis suits will be in the next codex?   Crosses fingers.   I don't mind if firewarriors stay BS3 (as long as they get a cost reduction), they're quite similar to Imperial Guardsmen except for better armour and guns.  But I digress...

What do you guys think of these rumors?   Would you prefer the Vehicle Walker route or the Monstrous Creature route?

Also, allegedly the above picture of a Tau mech conversion is supposedly close to what the actual model will look like (according to shaso_iceborn),  What do you think of that aesthetic?

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