Friday, October 28, 2011

Tau in early 2012???

Right after the floodgates of Necron opened, new rumors surface of Tau getting redone in Spring of 2012 just before 6th edition.  

Key bits include new Kroot and Vespid units, Demiurg (short but not space dwarfs?), and a few other alien auxileries that may or may not included either a Centaur like race or a 4 armed race... or both??

Tabitha from DakkaDakka writes:

"The Tau are, I believe, due out next summer.

They are getting some pretty big changes, mostly to their troops and elites. In addition to the broadsides getting new sculpts they are getting a number of new “Suits” to help them become a more dynamic force with more choices over all in the way they are played. While
GW is giving the tau a host of new units, the are actually getting fewer new plastic kits then say the Dark Elder release because most (/all) of the new plastic tau kits build several options.

Their fluff is being expanded to reflect the growth of the empire and their current state of expansion. Most of the fluff centers around the ‘factions’ as you might call them in the Tau empire, and mostly covers a few dynamic characters (who will be getting models!) and the factions they are a part of or influence. Some of the Tau are quite badass (and not so goody goody).

Tau are out before Eldar but more then likely after sisters.
BT have a few models/kits that have been done for like EVER so who knows when they will be released."

Some more snippets from Warseer:

"DuskRaider wrote:Last I heard was Tau were next (whenever that may be), then Chaos. Eldar are supposed to be coming shortly after that.
ghost21 wrote:It matches what I've heard.
I think a new mercenary race is obligatory. Demiurg /wishlist.

No need to wishlist there.
Frgt/10 wrote:All the new Tau models are done; Dave Thomas worked on them for roughly 18 months and he's finished them all now.
They're just waiting for a releases slot, I don't now when that is but my guess it is has since been locked in since I found out this info.
Harry wrote:@Frgt/10 : I can't believe you blabbed.
(In fact ... I only know about this because I asked someone when was I going to see something else from Dave for Fantasy and was told not for a while because he had been on one 40K project for the last 18 months )
As you know I don't know much about 40K and so couldn't possibly shed any light on what it might be but ....
... amongst other things ... Dave has been working on something pretty big. (Helpful as always. )

Also Frgt/10 is correct in that Dave Thomas has been exclusiely on Tau for 18 months but he is not 100% correct. Whilst MOST of the models are done. My understanding is Dave Thomas still had some bits and bobs to do. (i am guessing finishing characters?)

But even so that means they could be in the next six months.

(But I am not expecting them quite this soon).
Frgt/10 wrote:also Harry I heard down here that he was 100% done with them, hence why he was in oz for GD. Or have you heard otherwise in the last month or so?

Mirbeau wrote:Bang on, a new vehicle besides characters to finish with, they've had it an age but can't decide on it's weapons load-out! That could be for a bit later mind. 6 months is a bit too soon, 8-10 from what I've heard.

Edit - I was quite confident that Alex Hedstrom had got involved for this too?
Harry wrote:Oh, Dave has not been working on his own.

I don't know when they are released.
I just said six months could be possible.
I have them for the early summer in my, constantly updated, release schedule as the release right before 6th Edition
(I just don't take the same interest in 40k to have nailed it down).
These rumours are hugely exciting, I wonder how many models 18 months hard work gets you...

More if there are dual kits

Obviously you are free to not answer or may not know but there is only one thing I want to know how many new alien auxilaries and I don't mean new units of Vespid/Kroot I mean new species? Pretty please


OK, OK ... What I heard was ... 'The Empire is expanding to include more races' (Plural)
So that would suggest at least two "More". "

ghost21 wrote:The demiurg are there as are a bizzare race, the vespid get 2 slots, and the kroot get an additional.
The guy on the left well, they have plans for him:  

The Dude wrote:
Oddly, GW tends to nerf troops choices people actually use. The lack of fire warriors in almost every list these days makes me wonder if they might be improved.

The rumored changes for 6th edition will improve them a bit.
Additional rapid fire shots at long range. A gunline putting out 20 S5 shots at 30" would be rather nasty IMO (and that's just 1 squad).
I don't know what their range will be, but taking them as they are now, under the rumoured changes to rapid fire weapons, Fire Warriors will get double shots at max range (30" if that's what it is) if they stand still. That makes them a fair whack better IMO."

Some Demiurg and other alien sketches: