Monday, November 7, 2011

More Tau Rumors

Here are some more Tau rumors culled from Warseer's forums.  These are mostly from Warseer member ghost21:

On Demiurg:

the preliminary rules make demiurg equal to banshees in combat?... without the scream thing though

ok one more the demiurg ancients , think of them as cranky old wise men who saw the imperium in its infancy they had seen the eldar come n go, n thought it was another decadent empire... though they normally take hundreds of years to make a decision... the tau have something special the demiurg like

(standard demiurg have 2 options)

Originally Posted by MajorWesJanson
The idea of a feudal system actually seems like a good one. The Tau are in it for the Greater Good, but have other species that are essentially mercenaries. As they expand, it does make a lot of sense to essentially make lesser Alien Empires into Fiefs of the Tau Empire. They do their own thing, don't oppose the Tau, and provide a tithe of resources and troops to the Tau as needed. the Central leadership, instead of a monarch, is made up of a council of Etherials, with lower ranked Etherials mostly taking the place of Dukes and Barons.

ghost21 response:
exactly how there relations with the demiurg are pointed out

On Kroot units and possibility of Kroot riders:

Here's hoping for Knarloc riders. They need more cav. in the game.

ghost21 response:
no riders in any dex ive seen, though id love them

For Kroot, I'd guess a Kroozilla - perhaps with two options following the recent Warhammer examples (though 40K lends itself more to just having different weapon options rather requiring two completely different roles for variety). The diplodocus or triceratops to the Great Knarloc's T-rex.

Though then again there's been plenty of units that never got made which were in the old Kroot mercs army, I just feel that stalker and/or vulture kindred would more likely come from a recut kroot sprue.

ghost21 response:
all ill add to this is gw love big gribblies

On Crisis Suits:

Originally Posted by AlphariusOmegon20
I don't have an issue with the look of the XV-8's, but fixing the ankle issue does seem like a good idea since they have the chance to do so.

Beyond that, I'd like to see the XV-88's go to underslung guns, like the FW ones. It would bring their look more in line with other Xv sytems.

ghost21 response:
ive seen less boxy crisis suits, experimental suits for characters, and a special sniper suit

Originally Posted by xerxeshavelock
But the ankles man! Priorities......

ghost21 response:
well there completely new suits so the ankles are fixed

On Different Races:

Originally Posted by Rogue Star
So the Tau have the Kroot, Vespid and Demiurg now?

ghost21 response:
plus one more.. but yup (im not including the nausicar)

could this be that 4th race in the codex?