Monday, April 15, 2013

Dan Harden's Tau from Games Workshop

Here's a link to GW's daily blog with info about Dan Harden's Tau army from the latest White Dwarf.  Its a nice look, kinda reminds me of the movie Tron.

Meanwhile, I FINALLY got my hands on a Riptide this week at Berks Spring Assault and I will start building/magnetizing it.  STILL waiting on most of my preorder that includes all the finecast special characters, the broadside and a second Riptide (i wont run more than 2 though, thats just cheezy).   I also picked up a 2nd Commander Enforcer suit that I'll be building magnetizing.

I already put together a Fireblade Cadre and I really like the detail on the model.  It's not very posable but the model itself and its base have a ton of nice details.   It'll go great with my Tau themed Aegis defense wall that I will build and share on the blog in the coming weeks.   It's a good time to be a Tau player!

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